A few weeks ago I started getting my normal itch to write something in this blog. It took about three weeks to finally sit down and actually start putting something on a digital canvas. For the past year my posts have been following this trend. Perhaps it’s because I’ve hit a point in my writing where there isn’t much inspiration, or maybe it’s because the ideas in my mind pop and disappear like bubbles in some imaginary ocean.

After writing and erasing, then writing again and erasing again, finally inspiration to post something came into the picture on July 15th, 2017. On this day one of my best friends Sebastian married another close friend named Megan. They asked me to officiate their wedding which was a true honor and something that I’ll remember forever. A couple days later another great friend in Murcia, David (from Gijon), passed an exam to become a tenured teacher with the Spanish government, which is an accomplishment that required over a year of studying. This past Saturday, two other very close friends got married in Missoula, Montana. Kyle and Charley are two amazing people and I was given the honor to being a groomsman during their ceremony.

These people all worked very hard, practiced great amounts of patience, and dedicated large amounts of time towards planning up until the final moments of these important events in their lives. They all had a plan, and they stayed committed to it, and also to each other. Seeing how happy my friends were to finally be married, and for David to go against the odds to get a secured position as a teacher in Spain, makes me feel waves of respect and joy for what they have just achieved.

Now that this week has passed, I have come to the conclusion that the best things in life don’t come easily; you have to work for them. Whether it’s a dream job, a date with the good looking person sitting next to you on the bus, or a quest for internal happiness, the road to gaining what you want takes time.

I’m writing this post to say congratulations, not only to the people who I just wrote about, but to you for all that you have achieved but maybe don’t give yourself credit for. Congratulations and cheers to you for being who you are, even if I may not know who you are. Maybe you haven’t achieved your goals and don’t want to hear the “C” word just yet, but that’s perfectly fine because you are one step closer. If you have a goal or dream, but haven’t reached it yet, then you should be happy because at least you’re trying. If you aren’t trying, then maybe it’s time to start?

Maybe you don’t know what your goals are, and that makes achieving them more challenging. As I write this post a new goal has washed up on the shores of my consciousness but by the time I finish this sentence it will have washed away into a swift undertow in the form of a period mark. The one fragment of these goals that keeps staying stuck in the sand is that I want to one day be a teacher somewhere in my country. I just don’t know where, when, or what.

One thing that might help me narrow this decision down is that I’ve just received my assignment as an English teacher in Murcia, Spain for the upcoming school year. Despite wishing to have been assigned a primary school, the Spanish Ministry of Education will be sending me to work in a secondary school (high school). At first I was frightened by the idea of working in a classroom with teenage English learners, but this is probably a blessing in disguise; I want to be out of my comfort zone. It will be my first time teaching in a high school, so let’s see what happens. This won’t be happening until October, and barring any Visa issues or sudden zombie attack then I should be heading back to Murcia for a third year of teaching English.

As I finish this post I don’t really have a concrete goal that stands before me, despite saying that I want to become a teacher. This is kind of why we are alive, to find what out what our purpose in life is. Inside I believe that we are all destined for many things, but the key is to find what out makes you happy.

Once again, congratulations to Sebastian, Megan, David, Kyle, & Charley, I love you guys. Also, congrats to you for finally being able to go back to whatever it was you were doing before reading this blog post.

Thanks for taking time to read this blog, more updates are coming (hopefully sooner than a month from now).

Have a wonderful day/evening/night.

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