The Choice

On one fateful morning, disaster became opportunity 🙂

Books That Inspired Me To Travel

Which books inspired you to go exploring? Here's a short list of my favorite books that made inspired wanderlust!

The Universe According to Zoom

Ways to use Zoom during times of the c-word.

Redemption in Alicante

Author's note: This might have happened sometime a handful of years ago.     Shades of violet began to spill upward into the sky. Rowed fields with the occasional farmhouse emerging out of nowhere became visible. On this ALSA passenger bus it was too early in the morning to hold a conversation with strangers, but... Continue Reading →

The Smartphone App Purge

Author’s note: No phone applications were permanently harmed during the writing of this post, and everything you are about to read definitely maybe happened. Sitting in Santo Domingo Plaza, under the protection of a dark tinted cafe tent, I was scrolling through the touchscreen of my smart phone when suddenly a crazy notion pinched me... Continue Reading →

This is El Palmar

One morning at IES Marques de los Velez, in El Palmar, Spain... As the door to the classroom opened, and a flow of sleepy students seeped through the entryway, I tried my best to give each person a smiling “good morning.” It was 8:25am and English class was this group of twenty-something teenager’s first class... Continue Reading →

The Last Bag of Goldfish Crackers

When I was in first grade, my school’s Peruvian Spanish teacher Señora Buckley would sometimes reward us with Goldfish crackers whenever we did something correctly. Did you count to six? Here are six Goldfish. Were you able to say “dog” in Spanish? Here’s one Goldfish... Being only six years old, Spanish wasn’t necessarily a subject... Continue Reading →

When in Bend

A couple Saturday’s ago started like any other. A blaring alarm sent my eyes sputtering open, a handful of extra minutes were lost while I lingered in bed, and a pot of water started to boil in anticipation for my habitual coffee. On most mornings there isn't a sense of urgency, however this particular Saturday... Continue Reading →

Falling Up

  As I publish this post I’m sitting in a room filled with scores of people who previously, currently, and most likely won’t ever know each other. Florescent light fixtures shine from the ceiling in shades of hollow yellow as I sit in a leather-backed chair. It’s the first time that I’ve been here, and... Continue Reading →

Where to Drink Coffee in Missoula, Montana

There was once a time in my life when I wasn’t attracted to the elixir of pitch black coffee. I call these years the “Pre-Awakening” because during this point in my youth I started each day feeling groggy for extended periods of time, sometimes lasting a few days continuously. It wasn’t until moving to Missoula,... Continue Reading →

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