Lessons Learned From My Old Clothes

These are some life lessons I learned after giving away a bunch of my old clothes..

Four Important Life Lessons from a Lost Passport

Sometimes we learn valuable lessons when we least expect them. This is a short story of things I learned while traveling in Ulula del Río.

Naked in China

One afternoon Jack and I found ourselves in Beijing, China. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and was founded in 1045 BC. With an urban population of about 21 million, we were leaving one gigantic city (Hong Kong) and replacing it with another. As our plane from Hong Kong taxied on... Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Get Lost in Hong Kong

A handful of moons ago, my best friend Jack and I went to China. Well, depending on who to speak with, it wasn’t technically China. It was Hong Kong. At its origins, Hong Kong was a sleepy fishing village. Nowadays the city is at the epicenter of world trade. The Qing Empire ceded Hong Kong... Continue Reading →

Essential Tools for Solo Travelers

Travel... It could take the form of diving face first into an ocean of a far off place, or even plunging into the next paragraph of a really interesting book. Whichever way and whatever the medium, traveling gives us all something: a sensation of freedom, creativity, curiosity, and ultimately enjoyment. It’s a joy of life... Continue Reading →

The Glorious Fingerprint

It's been a month since leaving California and relocating to Murcia, Spain to work as an English teacher. To anyone who has read my blog before, sorry for the delay between posts, it's been a busy month of teaching/looking for a place to live/drinking affordable coffee. If you're new here, welcome! Care for a steaming... Continue Reading →

The Next Five Minutes

The next five minutes might be the only time in our lives when you and I ever share a single thing in common. You’ve stumbled on this blog and I decided to take time to write a little bit of nonsense into it. The next five minutes will go by quickly, and you will hardly... Continue Reading →

This is La Flota

It’s about 4:15pm in La Flota. This is a neighborhood in upper Murcia. The square tile sidewalks are wide and blocks of faded pink houses line this Spanish definition of a suburb. It’s great for starting a family, decent if you want a centralized living situation, and utterly horrible if you are an after school... Continue Reading →

A Dedication

Currently, as I gaze with half-opened eyes at my computer, I have been unemployed for two full days. This isn't because I was fired or the result of workforce downsizing, rather it simply was because an urge to take a break became greater than the motivation to keep earning money. Until this past Wednesday, I... Continue Reading →

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