Logroño Bus Stops

“Have you been saved yet?”

Uh oh, here we go..

Pardon me?”

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you didn’t speak Spanish!” The elderly Logroño woman with faintly blue hair blinked at me through her soft tinted sun-glasses.

“No it’s ok, I speak Spanish. What did you say to me?” I already know, I’m not sure why I’m asking.

“Oh ok, I asked if you’ve been saved yet.” 

I’ve been sitting in the Logroño bus station for over an hour, the last shower I had was a couple days ago, and it’s been a while since my last coffee. She probably sees my borrowed yellow travel pack and thinks that this talk is necessary. 

I hope someone saves me right now..

“Well I don’t think so…” 

“How long are you staying here in Logroño?”  

Looking at my watch, “Not long, I’m going to Gijon in a couple of hours.”

“Let me give you something to read, it’s about Jesus. By the way, do you believe in evolution or creation?” She sat down on the bench next to me, handing me a pamphlet with images of people smiling on a beach. 

I looked at the pictures as she pitched her reason for joining me. 

“How interesting.” I lied. “Well, to be honest I guess I don’t know what I believe in.” She blinked again, deciding to open her bag to give me a second brochure.

“That’s too bad you aren’t staying here much longer, we have a really interesting meeting coming up.”

“Yeah, too bad..” Maybe I could start being a jerk, but I have two hours before the bus arrives and maybe this conversation is helping her practice for someone who is genuinely interested. 

“What’s your name?” She stood up.

“My name is Daniel!” 

“Daniel! Did you know that your name is biblical? In the Bible a king sent Daniel to an oven, but he didn’t die because he believed in God. The king converted to Christianity because of this…” 

“Oh wow, no I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me!”

If that piece of information didn’t convert me, then maybe nothing else would. She smiled and fatefully zipped up her bag.

“Your welcome, have a great trip.”

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