How to Overcome a Fear of Flying (Part 2)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on After only a few minutes in the air, I felt like my life was in danger. The flight started normally - the door closed, the flight attendants and pilot greeted passengers on the loudspeakers, and we gained altitude.  Moments later we hit turbulence.  For a few seconds the plane... Continue Reading →

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying (Part 1)

Do you feel anxious before boarding an airplane? I used to be horrified of flying until I started using these easy strategies to overcome my own fears.

A Gringo’s Guide to Colombian Breakfast

Photo by Flavia Carpio on Unsplash One day back in April I found myself in Neiva, Colombia visiting my girlfriend Yesi and her mom Piedad... “Are you hungry?” “I slept pretty well, thanks,” I replied to the question in a heavy gringo accent.  Yesi responded to me in English, “My mom asked if you were... Continue Reading →

So This is Neiva

Neiva, Colombia in April of 2022. It was around 2pm when my body began to feel warm. The brightness of the bedroom was inescapable because the sun was radiating with full force. I tried for a moment to hide underneath the covers of the bed, pretending that the day hadn’t started yet. It was no... Continue Reading →

Back to Colombia

In August of 2012, I found myself on a plane headed to Bogotá, Colombia. I was traveling alone and my level of Spanish fluency was equal to perhaps a six-month-old baby. A carousel of emotions rotated in my mind, mostly fear, as I left the familiarity of home and gravitated toward a new world.  The... Continue Reading →

Useful Applications To Enjoy While Traveling

Which applications should you use while traveling? I've provided a list of the apps I prefer while abroad and in new cities! 🙂

Smart Overseas Travel Hacks (Part 1)

Are you trying to plan a trip to a different country? Here's part one of how to plan for an amazing pending adventure.

Four Important Life Lessons from a Lost Passport

Sometimes we learn valuable lessons when we least expect them. This is a short story of things I learned while traveling in Ulula del Río.

How to Drift in Tokyo

Here's a quick guide of some fun things to do in Tokyo 🙂

Exploring Kyoto, Japan

Before and during Jack’s and my journey through Asia, we’d been doing our best to cajole friends to come and join us. For a couple months we dangled the offer of delicious food, affordably priced experiences, and a hangout session with two well-rounded guys.  It took some time but eventually two friends, Becca and Stella,... Continue Reading →

Naked in China

One afternoon Jack and I found ourselves in Beijing, China. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and was founded in 1045 BC. With an urban population of about 21 million, we were leaving one gigantic city (Hong Kong) and replacing it with another. As our plane from Hong Kong taxied on... Continue Reading →

Learning How to Bali

So there Jack and I were... ...semi-tired from a Bagan night bus to Yangon, then a flight from Yangon to Bali. It only took a few minutes at the Denpasar airport to hear a rumor. “In five days, all of Bali is going to shut down for a day.” Shut down, this guy says. As... Continue Reading →

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