Poems, Random Thoughts



My inspiration is wandering. 

Maybe it went to the store. 

Perhaps its in bed having a snore.

Possibly it’s in the back seat of my car.

Oh gosh please not be far. 

My inspiration is wandering.

Did it get deported?

Did it turn into a tortoise?

Should I have it reported?

Dare I say it’s been aborted?

My inspiration is wandering.

I remember when I liked to write.

It was freeing like a kite.

Now I stare into computer screen.

Wondering where my mind has been.

My inspiration is wandering.

This isn’t funny anymore.

Without you I feel bored.

Was it something I said?

Can I offer you some olive bread?

Far away is where I last felt inspired.

Babe, please don’t say you’re tired.

I need to start wandering. 


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