Useful Applications To Enjoy While Traveling

Which applications should you use while traveling? I've provided a list of the apps I prefer while abroad and in new cities! 🙂

Exploring Kyoto, Japan

Before and during Jack’s and my journey through Asia, we’d been doing our best to cajole friends to come and join us. For a couple months we dangled the offer of delicious food, affordably priced experiences, and a hangout session with two well-rounded guys.  It took some time but eventually two friends, Becca and Stella,... Continue Reading →

The Next Five Minutes

The next five minutes might be the only time in our lives when you and I ever share a single thing in common. You’ve stumbled on this blog and I decided to take time to write a little bit of nonsense into it. The next five minutes will go by quickly, and you will hardly... Continue Reading →

The Virgin of Wonders in San Basilio

I’m sitting in the house where I used to live. Blustery Murcian breeze sends ruffles within the undercarriage of outside patio plants as I stare blankly through the glass of Lola’s living room window. She is my friend and used to be my landlord up until about three weeks ago. The room where I once slept,... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time I found myself in Belgium. By once upon a time I mean a few days ago. With temperatures hovering at around 40 degrees F, I took at bus from Murcia to Alicante and shifted through airport security before sunrise. Half-Asleep, a Seal song could be heard echoing through the terminal and... Continue Reading →


NorthWesting Note: Written in various places, finished somewhere else. For a brief instant a sudden impulse is prompting my eyes to quickly escape from the magnet of computer screen to scan the immediate airport horizon. Crying babies, airport staff speaking on intercoms, muffled side conversations from nearby seat neighbors, and streams of luggage donning pedestrians... Continue Reading →

Views from the 406

Note: Started on Monday in Missoula, finished this morning somewhere else.    Today is Monday and currently I am pairing a cup of English Breakfast tea with relaxing at a Missoula, Montana based coffee shop called The Break. Somewhere a stereo is serenading the the faded brick room of casual coffee drinkers with piano and... Continue Reading →

The Man in Brown Velvet

*This was originally written in 2014 for a good friend's travel e-magazine, Latitudes, Longitudes. Unfortunately the site is currently on hiatus so I wanted to repost the piece! Have a nice day. The feeling arrived for the first time once the flight attendants weren't speaking English anymore. It was a sensation that I never experienced until... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my blog!

Why hello there, I didn't see you come in! Make yourself at home and feel free to anything in the fridge... My name is Danny Catena and welcome to So There I Was. This site is a personal directory of sporadic randomness that evolved from my former blog which was started back in 2012, originally with Blogspot. Whether... Continue Reading →

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