Learning How to Bali

So there Jack and I were... ...semi-tired from a Bagan night bus to Yangon, then a flight from Yangon to Bali. It only took a few minutes at the Denpasar airport to hear a rumor. “In five days, all of Bali is going to shut down for a day.” Shut down, this guy says. As... Continue Reading →

Eight Things I’ve Learned From Being An English Teacher

Oh hey there! I didn’t see you start reading, why don’t you make yourself comfortable? It’s been a pretty long time since adding anything to this blog, and for that I apologize. Sometimes inspiration falters and in other moments we get too busy. Since the last time I wrote, which was maybe a couple of... Continue Reading →

English Teacher Crosswalkings

I’m on a quest for a phrasal verb. Give me an idiom and I’ll give you a high-five. Give me a few in thirty seconds and I’ll charge you ten euros. I’m walking down the street, looking like I don’t have any damns to give. We make eye contact on a corner and somewhere I find... Continue Reading →

The Next Five Minutes

The next five minutes might be the only time in our lives when you and I ever share a single thing in common. You’ve stumbled on this blog and I decided to take time to write a little bit of nonsense into it. The next five minutes will go by quickly, and you will hardly... Continue Reading →

The Virgin of Wonders in San Basilio

I’m sitting in the house where I used to live. Blustery Murcian breeze sends ruffles within the undercarriage of outside patio plants as I stare blankly through the glass of Lola’s living room window. She is my friend and used to be my landlord up until about three weeks ago. The room where I once slept,... Continue Reading →

This is La Flota

It’s about 4:15pm in La Flota. This is a neighborhood in upper Murcia. The square tile sidewalks are wide and blocks of faded pink houses line this Spanish definition of a suburb. It’s great for starting a family, decent if you want a centralized living situation, and utterly horrible if you are an after school... Continue Reading →


NorthWesting Note: Written in various places, finished somewhere else. For a brief instant a sudden impulse is prompting my eyes to quickly escape from the magnet of computer screen to scan the immediate airport horizon. Crying babies, airport staff speaking on intercoms, muffled side conversations from nearby seat neighbors, and streams of luggage donning pedestrians... Continue Reading →

Views from the 406

Note: Started on Monday in Missoula, finished this morning somewhere else.    Today is Monday and currently I am pairing a cup of English Breakfast tea with relaxing at a Missoula, Montana based coffee shop called The Break. Somewhere a stereo is serenading the the faded brick room of casual coffee drinkers with piano and... Continue Reading →

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