How to Overcome a Fear of Flying (Part 2)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on After only a few minutes in the air, I felt like my life was in danger. The flight started normally - the door closed, the flight attendants and pilot greeted passengers on the loudspeakers, and we gained altitude.  Moments later we hit turbulence.  For a few seconds the plane... Continue Reading →

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying (Part 1)

Do you feel anxious before boarding an airplane? I used to be horrified of flying until I started using these easy strategies to overcome my own fears.

A Gringo’s Guide to Colombian Breakfast

Photo by Flavia Carpio on Unsplash One day back in April I found myself in Neiva, Colombia visiting my girlfriend Yesi and her mom Piedad... “Are you hungry?” “I slept pretty well, thanks,” I replied to the question in a heavy gringo accent.  Yesi responded to me in English, “My mom asked if you were... Continue Reading →

The Ten Biggest Rules for Two-Person Traveling

Have you traveled with one other person before? Here are some important rules for two-person adventures!

Useful Applications To Enjoy While Traveling

Which applications should you use while traveling? I've provided a list of the apps I prefer while abroad and in new cities! 🙂

Smart Overseas Travel Hacks (Part 2)

How can we create an amazing overseas experience? For me, the first two factors that strongly influence the outcome of a trip are proper preparations and maximizing safety. I dove into these ingredients in my last blog post. What else can potentiate fond memories? Personally, I feel that the next step towards having a meaningful... Continue Reading →

Smart Overseas Travel Hacks (Part 1)

Are you trying to plan a trip to a different country? Here's part one of how to plan for an amazing pending adventure.

Useful Gear for Southeast Asia Travel

Southeast Asia. It's a pretty nifty part of our planet that deserves at least one visit in our lifetime. The nearest Southeast Asian airport from my house is in Manila, Philippines and it's roughly fourteen hours away by plane. Due to its not-so-close distance from here, appropriate planning is necessary before embarking on vacation there.... Continue Reading →

Dear Murcia,

    Hey, how’s it going? Did you get a haircut? We’ve met a few times but unless you’re regular of MuyBici stations, El Palmar, Esparragal, or various plazas that serve cheap coffee, you probably don’t remember me. I normally don’t write letters to cities, but today I’m in the mood to get some things... Continue Reading →

Where to Drink Coffee in Sausalito

This is a quick guide about where to drink coffee in Sausalito, California!

Visiting Gijón

Visiting Gijón: In the fairly recent past I found myself sitting with forehead against bus window, watching tall, green sloped mountains pass along a highway that seemed to bend in one continuous spiral. I was somewhere in Asturias, Spain and the steep inclines that were visible from my window seat were parts of the Cantabrian Mountains.... Continue Reading →

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