How to Overcome a Fear of Flying (Part 2)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on After only a few minutes in the air, I felt like my life was in danger. The flight started normally - the door closed, the flight attendants and pilot greeted passengers on the loudspeakers, and we gained altitude.  Moments later we hit turbulence.  For a few seconds the plane... Continue Reading →

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying (Part 1)

Do you feel anxious before boarding an airplane? I used to be horrified of flying until I started using these easy strategies to overcome my own fears.

The Ten Biggest Rules for Two-Person Traveling

Have you traveled with one other person before? Here are some important rules for two-person adventures!

Useful Applications To Enjoy While Traveling

Which applications should you use while traveling? I've provided a list of the apps I prefer while abroad and in new cities! 🙂

Smart Overseas Travel Hacks (Part 2)

How can we create an amazing overseas experience? For me, the first two factors that strongly influence the outcome of a trip are proper preparations and maximizing safety. I dove into these ingredients in my last blog post. What else can potentiate fond memories? Personally, I feel that the next step towards having a meaningful... Continue Reading →

Smart Overseas Travel Hacks (Part 1)

Are you trying to plan a trip to a different country? Here's part one of how to plan for an amazing pending adventure.

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