The Case of the Sneaking Rut

Once upon a time, under the covers of a bed not so far away, I found myself trapped. Outside, the fall air was blanketed in fog and I was groggy, struggling to get the morning started.  The sheets weighed like cinderblocks - they usually do but on this particular morning they were oddly stronger than... Continue Reading →

A Face in the Crowd

Do I smell popcorn? The muscles in my eyelids sputter a few flickers as my I search with my nostrils for the aroma of the lightly buttered snack that brings me back to those times when I would spend money at cinemas. The cracks and pops are making the emptiness beneath my winkled abdomen sing... Continue Reading →

A Street Corner Named Desire

The corner of Avenida Abenerabi and Calle Marquez de los Vélez on a chilly Spring day. I’m not quite sure if it’s Spring or just a blustery fall afternoon as I continue with some meanderings known as walking to the store. I need to pick up a carton of eggs and various random food-related products.... Continue Reading →

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