The Recovering Coffee Drinker

Once upon I time I found myself in Missoula, Montana. The year was 2005 and I was a freshman at the University of Montana. I was the archetype of a typical freshman at an out-of-state school: An 18 year-old recently liberated from his parents. I was shy, self conscious, and awkward because I didn’t know... Continue Reading →

The Universe According to Zoom

Ways to use Zoom during times of the c-word.

The Case of the Sneaking Rut

Once upon a time, under the covers of a bed not so far away, I found myself trapped. Outside, the fall air was blanketed in fog and I was groggy, struggling to get the morning started.  The sheets weighed like cinderblocks - they usually do but on this particular morning they were oddly stronger than... Continue Reading →

Where to Drink Coffee in Missoula, Montana

There was once a time in my life when I wasn’t attracted to the elixir of pitch black coffee. I call these years the “Pre-Awakening” because during this point in my youth I started each day feeling groggy for extended periods of time, sometimes lasting a few days continuously. It wasn’t until moving to Missoula,... Continue Reading →

Where to Drink Coffee in Sausalito

This is a quick guide about where to drink coffee in Sausalito, California!

A Serious Case

  I walk into a local coffee shop with a purpose. Well, maybe there never was a purpose. Maybe out of habit I’ve let the weight of gravity pull me down the hill from my house or maybe it’s an instinctive desire for the necessary elixir of caffeine. Either way I find myself placing a right... Continue Reading →

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