The Ten Biggest Rules for Two-Person Traveling

Have you traveled with one other person before? Here are some important rules for two-person adventures!

Smart Overseas Travel Hacks (Part 2)

How can we create an amazing overseas experience? For me, the first two factors that strongly influence the outcome of a trip are proper preparations and maximizing safety. I dove into these ingredients in my last blog post. What else can potentiate fond memories? Personally, I feel that the next step towards having a meaningful... Continue Reading →

Useful Gear for Southeast Asia Travel

Southeast Asia. It's a pretty nifty part of our planet that deserves at least one visit in our lifetime. The nearest Southeast Asian airport from my house is in Manila, Philippines and it's roughly fourteen hours away by plane. Due to its not-so-close distance from here, appropriate planning is necessary before embarking on vacation there.... Continue Reading →

Essential Tools for Solo Travelers

Travel... It could take the form of diving face first into an ocean of a far off place, or even plunging into the next paragraph of a really interesting book. Whichever way and whatever the medium, traveling gives us all something: a sensation of freedom, creativity, curiosity, and ultimately enjoyment. It’s a joy of life... Continue Reading →

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