The Last Chapter: South Korea

Once upon a time in Seoul, South Korea... Here's a little guide of what you can do in Seoul and Busan 🙂

Wanders in Japan

If you're looking for places to visit in Japan that aren't Tokyo or Kyoto, then here is my comprehensive guide of some interesting destinations to explore 🙂

How to Drift in Tokyo

Here's a quick guide of some fun things to do in Tokyo 🙂

Exploring Kyoto, Japan

Before and during Jack’s and my journey through Asia, we’d been doing our best to cajole friends to come and join us. For a couple months we dangled the offer of delicious food, affordably priced experiences, and a hangout session with two well-rounded guys.  It took some time but eventually two friends, Becca and Stella,... Continue Reading →

Around Zhangjiajie and Shanghai

Once upon a time, Jack and I found ourselves in Zhangjiajie..

Naked in China

One afternoon Jack and I found ourselves in Beijing, China. Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and was founded in 1045 BC. With an urban population of about 21 million, we were leaving one gigantic city (Hong Kong) and replacing it with another. As our plane from Hong Kong taxied on... Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Get Lost in Hong Kong

A handful of moons ago, my best friend Jack and I went to China. Well, depending on who to speak with, it wasn’t technically China. It was Hong Kong. At its origins, Hong Kong was a sleepy fishing village. Nowadays the city is at the epicenter of world trade. The Qing Empire ceded Hong Kong... Continue Reading →

Learning How to Bali

So there Jack and I were... ...semi-tired from a Bagan night bus to Yangon, then a flight from Yangon to Bali. It only took a few minutes at the Denpasar airport to hear a rumor. “In five days, all of Bali is going to shut down for a day.” Shut down, this guy says. As... Continue Reading →

Searching for Elephants and Buddhas

Somewhere in Thailand and Myanmar...

A Tale of Many Vietnams (Part 1)

This is an update of some happenings in Vietnam!

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